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>>> NEW! Calanday <<<
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>>> NEW! Dorothy <<<
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>>> NEW! Grandiva <<<
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>>> NEW! Kalanchoe Isano <<<
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Welcome to the world of the Kalanchoe, a real star among pot plants. Thanks to its unique features it's a firm favorite for both retailers and consumers. Kalanchoe is a strong and low maintenance plant: all it needs to last for months is a little water, a little sunshine and the right spot. Being one of the most versatile species, it comes in a large number of both green and colourful varieties which is well suited both indoor and outdoor. Kalanchoe flowers abundantly over a long period and is available in different pot sizes, from mini's to the larger kinds. No wonder that the Kalanchoe is one of the best-selling pot plants, it colours your sales! 

We offer a wide range of Kalanchoe and specialize in the delivery of unique species, customized to your wishes: 
- Magic Bells (the only grower!)
- Lucky Bells
- Dorothy
- Calandiva
- Grandiva
- Calanday
- Kalanchoe Isano