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Magic Bells

Magic Bells

One of the most extraordinary and exclusive botanical Kalanchoes is the Magic Bells. With its special way of flowering in all its plantphases it outshines all other pot plants available on the market. The striking feature of the Magic Bells are its clusters of light green grape-looking bells at the end of the flower stalk. Over time orange-red flowers will emerge from the bells, which will naturally disappear after flowering. After that, you can still enjoy the green bells and beautiful leaves for a long time. These 'magical' characteristics will intrigue you and make you want to take a closer look. That's what makes this plant a real asset for every surroundings. 

The Magic Bells is exclusively available at Nursey De Veranda. The plant is offered year round in a 14 cm pot with an elegant matching pot cover and blank sleeve.  

The Magic Bells is not a demanding product. The plant requires a light spot and thrives well in direct sunlight. The ideal temperature for this plant is above 12° Celsius. Once a fortnight water is enough for a Magic Bells to last as long as possible. The potting soil may not dry out, so be a bit more generous with your water when the plant is placed in warmer places, like over the heating. Faded flowers can better be removed, to give upcoming flowers the chance to outshine. With the proper care Magic Bells will flourish up to 8 to 10 weeks. The plant is not suitable for consumption!