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We proudly present the newest series of large and decorative flowering Kalanchoes: Grandiva®. Definitely already a big diva among the other decorative plants. Grandiva is unique because of its striking features: a large flower diameter of at least 2 centimeters and beautiful coloured flower buds. This results in an outstandingly beautiful flower display that will exhilarate every room. Of course Grandiva offers you the quality that you're accustomed of Calandiva, so the plant is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Grandiva is a guaranteed hit for a long time that will blow everyone's mind.

The new Grandiva comes in four varieties: the pink Foster, the white Loy, the orange Hurley and the pink and white Auger. All types are year round available exlcusively at Nursery De Veranda in 8 cm pot. Grandiva's can be ordered with a printed sleeve or as a special edition with an elegant potcover and blank sleeve.

For more information:

The Grandiva is not a demanding product. The plant requires a light spot and thrives well in direct sunlight. The ideal temperature for this plant is above 12° Celsius. Once a fortnight water is enough for Grandiva to last as long as possible. The potting soil may not dry out, so be a bit more generous with your water when the plant is placed in warmer places, like over the heating. Faded flowers can better be removed, to give upcoming flowers the chance to outshine. With the proper care Grandiva's will flourish up to 8 to 10 weeks. The plant is not suitable for consumption!